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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snowflake Wreath Project

     Here's a fun and quick project to add to your holiday decor this year. This simple snowflake wreath.

     I had had these snowflake ornaments on my tree for the past few years and always liked them. When I was in Goodwill a few weeks ago I came across a couple of boxes of them for a ridiculously cheap price and I couldn't pass them up. You can find these at Hobby Lobby and even Target. (Target sells them 4/$1.00 and they have several different colors).

     To assemble your wreath you will need about 9 snowflakes. (I used 3 larger ones and 6 regular sized ones). Lay them out on your workspace. Make sure you overlap your flakes at two points. This will make it more sturdy when you glue it together.

     I used hot glue to adhere my flakes together. To jazz it up a bit I added a sparkly gem that I had on hand from hair flower making and glued them in the center. (These are just a few dollars at Hobby Lobby)

     Once the glue dried, I used a wide ribbon to hang it up. I hung it over a very summer looking picture in my living room.

Happy Decorating!


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