What you should start recycling today

Recycling can be a difficult task for many individuals.

It takes self-discipline to carefully sort used items in your home, even more to take them to a recycle center and even more to find ways to recycle these items. However, your perseverance will be rewarded with both a lower burden of trash in your home and a better life for the planet. Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces methane in the environment, reduces landfill waste and deters illegal dumping to name a few of the benefits. It’s always good to donate to charity and recycle!

Find Place to recycle things

These days there are a lot of things we can recycle out there in the world, such as paper, metal, plastic, and glass. Any of these things can be recycled, but where are you supposed to find these things to recycle? There are businesses that will collect and recycle these used objects from you. They will pay you for these recycled materials, too! If you’re interested in recycling these items, you’ll want to find a business that will pay you for your waste. 

Where to sell the things you have chosen to recycle

When it comes to recycling and upcycling, it can be difficult to sell the things you have chosen to give a new life to. You can bring your creations to a variety of venues with a dumpster rental . Garage and yard sales are a great way to get rid of old items, but they are also a place where you can make some money!

Try to go to a city or town where you know your item will be sought after. A flea market or local event is a great way to make a good amount of profit. You could also try taking it to a thrift store where people are just trying to find cool things to decorate their house with. Whatever you do, make sure you know what your item is worth and be prepared to negotiate a fair price.

How to be a successful recycler?

To be a successful recycler you must begin by separating your trash into different piles.

One pile should be your regular garbage, one pile should be compost, and one pile should be recycling. To sort your recycling you should use a special three-bin system to keep your recycling clean. If you have any electronics you should recycle those. If you have any food that has gone bad, you should throw it in the compost pile. And if you have anything that is actually recyclable, whether it’s plastic, or paper, or aluminum, you should throw those things in the recycling pile. At the first trash pickup day let the sanitation workers know that you want your recycling separated.

Recycling e-waste

It’s important to recycle your electronics.

After all, these devices use a lot of energy to make and only have a little lifespan. Electronic waste can be found all over the place. You may have old electronics at home, at work, and even out in the street. That’s why it’s important to recycle them! Not only will you be disposing of your electronic equipment properly, but you’ll also be reducing the amount of energy and resources needed to make new devices.

Why is e-waste an issue?

E-waste is a huge issue in a lot of countries, but it’s slowly becoming a priority issue in countries like the US. We need to put more of an effort into recycling our electronic devices and not trashing them. In the US, we tend to throw away our phones, computers, tablets and other devices instead of recycling them in a responsible way. 

Is that e waste is the solution for recycling

Many electronics and devices are thrown away every day and while some may be thrown away, they can still be repurposed and used instead of just being thrown away. Instead of letting your electronics go to waste, it is suggested that you try to sell or trade them. There are even centers that will safely dispose of these electronics for you.

Current e-waste recycling methods usually involve shipping them to China to be dismantled and melted down. The result being tons of toxic chemicals and metals that are being shipped back to the landfills of the US via dumpster rentals. Recycling plants are necessary to keep our environment clean, but it’s time for a better solution. The solution is biodegradable e-waste. Materials like cardboard and paper can safely degrade. The truth is that biodegradable e-waste is much more sustainable than e-waste recycling.

Here are some things to start recycling today

• Newspapers, magazines and phone books

• Junk mail, cardboard and plastic bags

• Cooked food

• Tin cans, paper and plastic jars

• Batteries

• Glass bottles and jars

• Old clothes

• Old pet food cans, glass and plastic

• Old shoe boxes, milk containers, plastic take-out containers and bottle caps

• Old toys

• Old CD’s and DVDs

• Old shoes, belts and bags

• Old sporting equipment

How to recycle effectively

Recycling and reusing doesn’t just save on money and reduce waste and dumpster rental usage, it is also better for the environment! You can recycle a wide range of materials and here’s how to get started.

Remove all liquids, cans or glass from your unwanted items. Then rinse the containers. Be sure to remove any metals, paper or batteries from electronics. If you’re unsure if something is recyclable, ask your local waste department. Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours. By taking the time to recycle, you help make a greener planet!