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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Pinterest Inspired Sign


               After my post about sign making here, a friend contacted me to see if I could make this sign she found on pinterest .

     I've done quite a few signs before but they were always simple ones with just few words and all the same font. This one stretched me a bit but was fun to do. I used the same technique I referenced above the only difference is that this time I tried paint pens. You can find paint pens at any craft store for around $3.99. They come in a variety of colors too. Here's how it turned out:

         This sign is made out of 1/4 inch plywood that I had Lowes cut to size at 17"x22". They offer this service for only .25 cents. In order to distress this sign I sanded the edges and background down after painting it white (before the letters were done). I tried to sand the letters a bit afterwards but with the paint pen paint, the letters smeared. So to further distress it, the letters were white washed by loading my brush with white paint, dipping it in water then gently brushing over the letters. If I got too much I used a paper towel to wipe off some of the excess.

  Pinterest is full of great sign ideas (along with a bajillion other ideas). Its a great source for inspiration!

                                                  Happy Painting!

                                                  - Jody
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