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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Master Bedroom Wall Project

     I wanted to share our master bedroom with you. I've recently completed the wall in this room, and though the room overall has more growth to do, I'm excited about how this project has elevated this space.

     I love perusing decorating blogs for inspiration and when I came across this idea, I knew it was perfect for our master bedroom wall. 

     This blog is one of my favorites. Emily is very talented and she uses her talents for the glory of God. When I saw her office wall I fell in love. Wallpaper is making a big comeback and I love the look but can't afford the expense. This wall project cost me $2.50! That's it! And it gave me the look of wallpaper on a dime. Here's how it went down. First I copied Emily's template, (follow the link). Next I cut out the shape and traced it onto a manilla folder, then cut this shape out again. This became my stencil to trace on the wall.

     Emily suggests using spray adhesive in a light coat on the back of the stencil. I did this initially but spray adhesive is such sticky business (no pun intended :) ), and I found that I really didn't need it once I got into my groove. When I was ready to begin tracing on the wall, I used a level to make one vertical line from floor to ceiling. I chose to make my line where my wall peaks. If you don't have a vaulted ceiling eyeball a spot about in the middle to draw your vertical line. At the top or bottom of your line place your stencil on the wall so that the plumb line goes directly through it, then trace away. If you check the straightness of your line after you've done a few rows it will probably be off. DON'T try to correct it. As long as you follow your pattern no one will ever know. If you try to correct yourself the flaws become more obvious and you will only become frustrated.Once you have traced your stencil in pencil its time to paint! I used craft paint from Hobby Lobby in a color that coordinated with my wall color. Use a thin brush and follow your pencil lines. If your paint isn't flowing as nicely as you want it too (its getting too globby) add a little bit of water and shake your bottle up.

     You will notice that my wall differs from Emily's.  She had more patience than I did. :)  I intended to do the double effect that she did but because my spacing between the stencils wasn't perfect, the only way to correct it was to paint it singly. Hopefully the pictures help explain this better. If you want to do it the way she did, keep a close eye on your spacing and keep it consistent. I realized this when I was done, and after 8 hours of stenciling, I wasn't going to go back. I still love how it turned out.

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