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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kitchen Project

     We've lived in our house for 11 years and I've always hated the builder grade cabinets that were installed. I don't mind the design of them, they are very simple, but I really dislike the oak. Sorry to all you oak fans out there. So, I have finally convinced my husband to dislike them enough that he is willing to paint them. This will be a very long project but we got started this last week! I am so excited, I'm practically giddy! We haven't figured out what our process is going to be yet, but we did complete one whole cabinet. I have one set that the doors were taken off of some time ago and it houses all of my day to day dishes (plus the Wii games in the basket). We wanted to complete this one first from start to finish so that we didn't have to live with our regular dishes out on the counter during this process. Here is the before, our kitchen in its current state:

      Not horrible but a little dark and a little dated. This past spring I took the doors off of one of our cabinets and love how it already makes the kitchen look a little bigger.

      This is the section that we started with. We painted it the same off white of our trim that is in the rest of the house. Its a Sherwin Williams paint. For the base coat we used a bonding primer. The type of paint used for the top coat is specifically for doors and trim. I know that they make paint especially for cabinets but I was so impressed by the durability of this type that we chose to stick with it. Here's how it turned out:

     On the back of the cupboard I used contact paper to provide some interest. The background color happens to be the same color as the oatmeal on my walls. This is a lot cheaper than purchasing wallpaper and a lot easier than a stencil. I did have to add a little glue to the corners because after the first week it started drooping. I love how it turned out and can't wait to tackle the rest of the kitchen. Now, if only I can motivate my hubby!


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