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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gallery Walls

This summer I have been busy with a lot of projects. My favorite has been the start of 3 gallery walls all in different areas of my home. The great thing about a gallery wall is that it can be a bunch of random things, hung in a thoughtful way, that look cohesive. My goal in doing these walls was to do them with things I already had. My only purchase was the "T" on my bedroom wall. Of course a gallery wall can be done with frames that are all the same style, but what fun would that be! :)

This is my bedroom wall. I like how it looks but I could also add to it over time.

This is my daughter's bedroom wall. Her's is a collection of more random things.  The only purchase was the scrapbook paper that I put in a frame that I had. This frame was originally black but I spray painted it white.

My hall wall continues to be a work in progress. If you don't have pictures the size of your frame, give your kiddo paint or crayons in your color theme and have them go at it. I have no idea what this painting is, but it was done by one of my kids and is a precious addition to the wall.

I mentioned that my purchase for my daughter's wall was scrapbook paper. This is such an inexpensive way to bring pattern, color and design to a room.

Here are a few other places I have used scrapbook paper. The letters you see on top of the paper were just printed off of the computer and glued on.
 I hope this has inspired you just a smidge!


  1. I love the frames, Sometimes the frames are the show piece of a picture or mirror! The scrapbook paper would also make beautiful frame matting too! We inherited an old gold 1980ish styled mirror with a beautiful frame. I white washed the frame and let some of the gold through and it was instantly updated! You are getting my creative juices going Jody!

  2. Also, if you ever go yard saling or thrift store shopping and see an ugly picture, look at the frame instead it could be the main attraction of the home when it's all cleaned up &/or painted!!!

  3. Sarah, I love finding frames at yard sales or Goodwill. I totally agree with you! Thanks for the input.

  4. Hi Jody :-)
    I bought brand new frames awhile back - combination anniversary and Mother's Day gift - got them half off ( :->!!). S-o-o-n I hope to get the right size copies made of the pictures I have picked out of our kids and get everything hung - hopefully before Thanksgiving!

    Yeah, that sounds like a ways off.... but we just paid for a wedding, and have one more 'segment' of it to go yet....

    Back in June I used scrapbook style paper on the blocks of the banner I made for Analyse's 2nd birthday party. I was THRILLED with how they turned out. You can find that posting here -->

    For the MI wedding reception we had hosted for Byron and Cyndi, I used scrap book style paper to turn bulletin boards into picture frames. One was sitting on an easel on the landing of the stairway and one at the top of the steps at our location. They worked GREAT!

    I like how you saw outside the box, to figure out what to put in the box (frame) ;-p

  5. Love your blog, Jody! And your gallery walls are great! I'm doing one in my living room - I'll have to send you a picture when it's done.
    Do you have any recommendations when it comes to what brand of spray paint to use to paint frames and the like? I've been collecting frames over the summer and I sprayed one last week and it's still awfully sticky. I don't know if my technique is bad or if it's just because it was cheap spray paint...

  6. Thanks Sue! I can't wait to see how yours turns out! I honestly use whatever is cheapest for spray paint as long as I like the color. The cans I have on hand I bought at Meijer and they are Rustoleum and American Accents.


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