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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mistletoe Kissing Ball

Have you ever had/hung mistletoe? Me, never!

I'm not sure why. Maybe because my parents never did.

I had lunch with a couple of girlfriends yesterday and we started talking about family traditions. Things like cookie baking, going for a car ride to look at the lights, participating in Advent readings, caroling, hiding the pickle in the Christmas tree, reading the story of the birth of Christ in scripture, etc.

So it got me to thinking.

Perhaps I'm too stuck in my Christmas rut.

So I decided to add a little spice into our Christmas {and into the Christmas of a friend}.

What does a girl do when she wants to make something but doesn't know how?

Yep, went to Pinterest. There were quite a few tutorials but I found this great one at Apartment Therapy.

I won't repeat the steps I took to make this, you will have to check out A.T.'s tutorial. I will tell you what I did differently though. Apartment Therapy uses craft glue to glue the two halves together, but I used hot glue. This will help it to stick more quickly and is a bit stronger. For the cord I used three strands of yarn and braided them together.

Start to finish this was about a 15 minute craft project. Granted I had everything on hand. I used fleece from an old blanket.

Here's to a spicier Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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