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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas in the Kitchen

I still haven't been given the green light to put the Christmas tree up if you know what I mean! ;) And after decorating the bathroom, I wanted to keep going. The kitchen was next!

I always try to rework what I have to decorate around the house. We don't really have Christmas decor in the holiday budget when buying for a large family. So I went with what I had. {Sometimes this can actually make you think more creatively!}

Of course I stuck with my decor color, aqua, but added some sparkle. I won't bore you with my words.

If you're observant you'll note that I haven't changed out my Thanksgiving chalkboard yet. Lets get past that holiday first!

To keep things simple I usually leave my above cabinet decor the same and just add greens and some bling.

I shared this snowflake, super easy your grandma could do it, craft earlier this week.

 I love this little silver Christmas tree that I found at Goodwill this week. {My only purchase for this kitchen}

If you are a bit OCD, I realize the stools aren't in numerical order. So sorry!

This little sparkly wreath is a twin the the one I hung in my bathroom. Did you see how that got sparkled out for Christmas?

I hope a certain someone will let me put the tree up soon, or every other room in this house is going to get some sparkle! {And yes, that is a threat!} ;)
I am sure it will go up this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

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