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Friday, October 18, 2013

Color Inspiration: Black

Yes black. I suppose it could be argued that its not really a color, but I believe it is the presence of all color. Using black in your decor helps to ground a space. Its like the mascara for your room. Put a room together without black and if not done well it can look a bit flat. Sometimes just adding a bit a black can give a space some extra oomph. Overdone, it feels dark, heave and moody. Black comes in various shades and it can be less overwhelming in some charcoal tones. 

My favorite use of black is in small doses. If you aren't sure of where your loyalties lie with black, check out this inspiration and draw your own conclusions.

This is another great use of black. Everything else pops on this backdrop.

This charcoal is a muted down version of black and very chic.

I'm sure by now you know how I love a striped ceiling!

If you haven't read the blog Life in Grace, you are in for a treat. Check out the rest of her daughter's bedroom.

This is drama. I love how the wooden table helps to keep this space from feeling too gothic.

See how the greenery pops with the black and white decor. Any color introduced to this scheme will have that effect.

The use of black here provides a lot of drama but not in a heavy way.

Now this last one is by far my favorite. Light and airy, but well grounded. That's what black does. 

So what's your favorite use of black?

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