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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best Homemade Pizza

We are a pizza loving family!

And I grew up in one of those families too!

My dad was the pizza maker at our house and one night a week he would make his "famous" pizza. From my dad I learned the finer points of seasoning the crust, and although I don't make pizza exactly like he did, I still owe the yummyness all to him! :)

My dad always used frozen bread dough. This works well but I have found that the frozen pizza dough at our local grocery store is a little better.

If you want to make homemade pizza, here's what you'll need:

What I have here is for two pizzas:

1 jar of your favorite sauce
2 pizza dough {thawed}
2 ball of whole mozzarella 
Parmesan cheese
Garlic powder
several tablespoons of margarine or butter

Here's what I do!

+First, lightly spray your pans with a non-stick spray. 
+Preheat your oven. {Follow your directions on the dough package, mine says 450.}
+Spread your dough in your pan. I usually stretch it out with my hands first then when its pretty big I will put it in the pan and work it out to the edges.

+Melt your margarine and brush it on the edges of the crust.
+Sprinkle parmesan cheese and garlic powder to taste around the edges of the dough.

+Spread your pizza sauce on your pizza dough to taste. If you like a lot put a lot, if you like a little, use only a little.

Now comes the best part, the whole mozzarella! This seriously is what makes this pizza! I am telling you once you try it, you will never go back to that processed shredded stuff!

Now comes the part that is all you. Add your favorite toppings.

I have cheese lovers at my house so we usually do one with just cheese. If I have some whole grated parmesan I add some of this. We also like a bit of garlic so I add a dash more to the top. Tonight we had some peppers and my hubby likes those so we made one half just for him.

Bake them until they look done. The crust will be full and lightly browned and the cheese will be all melty and yummy {about 10 minutes}.

If you haven't used whole mozzarella before, a word from the wise: Let your pizza sit for about 5 minutes before serving; otherwise you will lose all of your cheese. It needs to firm up a bit.

Another tip:
If you are making more than one pizza at a time, cook each one alone. This allows the heat to circulate better and your crust will be done all the way through. Cooking them both together leads to a doughy center.

What is so great about making your own pizza?

Its your own!
If you like a sweeter sauce add a little sugar.
If you like your cheese a little brown, cook it longer.
If you like a cheesier/spicier crust add more.
And kids love to help!

By buying the frozen dough it really is a quick supper to make {provided you remember to get the dough out before you leave for work in the morning!}

I hope you enjoy one of our family's favorites!

Thanks for stopping by!

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