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Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Projects in Review

I'm not quite ready to kick those fall projects into gear yet so in case you missed something I thought I'd share some of the projects I did this summer. 

Lets begin with the drum light fixture. This is definitely the quietest way to use a drum! ;)

This Heath Bar recipe is seriously yummy! {Just remember to cut them before they totally cool, or you will be cursing my name!}

I had a lot of fun helping to pull this little girls room together, and made a few cute projects to go along with it.

Do you ever feel like you answer hundreds if not thousands of questions every day? I realized that most of what my kids asked was out laziness. They had either already been told or had all the info needed to answer their own question. So we did a one day experiment. For one day only they could only ask one question per hour. This made them think for themselves and use context cues to solve their own problems. You will have to read about the results here.

I made these cute little monsters for a shower gift. {They matched some monster flannel that I found to make burp cloths with.}

This is an amazing punch recipe that I got years ago. It is so good and perfect for bridal or baby showers.

I leaped onto the yarn wreath craze with this number for either Memorial day or the 4th of July. I call it my firework wreath.

These are seriously the yummiest carrot bars. I way prefer them over carrot cake. There is a somewhat secret ingredient that makes them so moist and delicious.

Here's an art project put to canvas to help track the places our family has gone together. This was inspired by a little sampler on pinterest where someone had actually stitched this.

As a side note, we got a little puppy. "Copper" is a Plott Hound. 

In August, my daughter and I took this bike and turned it into a girls bike. A little spray paint, stickers, and Hello Kitty Duck tape and it was a brand new bike.

This little tip was apart of my Back to School Series. I shared a ton of great ideas for being organized and ready for school to start. If you still aren't ready and school is in full swing see if some of these ideas would be helpful!

And lastly, this was a cheap and easy way to update a $5.00 rug from IKEA.

Whew, now I think I'm ready for fall! Come back later this week and just maybe I will start hauling the fall decor out!

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