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Friday, September 27, 2013

Chalkboard Thanks

I have been crushing on all of those cool chalkboards with the great writing for a while now. I've never seen a tutorial but was determined to figure them out!

I decided to try the same method I use for sign making, but with chalk. Like this tutorial for two years ago.

It really wasn't that difficult! {It just looks that way}

Of course mine sign is quite a simple one, but not bad for my first try.

So if you want to try to do this to here's what you do!

First choose your chalkboard {mine was a crummy piece of art from Goodwill that I painted over}, then print out your sign in your favorite font.

On the back of your font, shade it with chalk.

Turn your paper over and trace the letters with pencil or pen onto your chalkboard.

As you can see it gets a little messy so you will have to use your finger or a Q-tip to take off the excess. Then fill in the letters.

And that's it! Now you have a beautiful sign that makes your 'handwriting' rock! ;)

Not bad! 

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm sharing this here:

Tatertots and Jello
Its Overflowing

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