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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Drum "Shade"

I'm always looking for "creative solutions" to design problems. In other words, cheap!
 Free is even better!

So enter today's solution to a big problem.

Down in our lower level we have a small hallway. Super small. It had one of those cheap globe ceiling fixtures that over time and lots of jumping on the stairs above had caused it to come loose and then crashing down.

Fortunately no one was injured.

But this bare bulb sat exposed for months waiting for a new one. Because it was on the lower level, the boys level it didn't glare at me much waiting for a fix. So it sat for a long time!

 When I saw this guy laying on the playroom floor, inspiration struck!

Here it is in its new home! 

We started by using an exacto knife and cutting out the opaque side of the drum. We left the clear side to filter more light.

To attach this guy we found that in the frame of the light fixture there were holes around the rim. Using these holes we simply attached the drum using wire and putting it through the holes of the base.

{see the hole?}

Because we wanted to make sure there was no fire hazard we allowed several inches of space between the drum and the light bulb. Use caution and make sure that you use a lower wattage of bulb too just to be on the safe side. I will admit that that first night I got up once or twice just to check the temp of this bad boy, but  it hasn't gotten hot.

For us a lower wattage bulb is perfect here because we keep this light on all night for our boys.

What do you think? It may not be everyone's style but for my music loving boys its perfect!

Thanks for stopping by!

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