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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monsters Inc. Stuffed

I was perusing pinterest late one night and came across these cute little monsters. When I clicked on the link it took me to one of these sites that was ad heavy and with no real directions. I'm thinking this was stolen content from some creative soul {they offer a link but it doesn't work}. If you think you originated this let me know. I'd love to give you kudos!

I found some really cute flannel fabric that had little monsters on it and decided to buy it for a few burp cloths  that I wanted to make for an upcoming baby shower. {I will show you next week}. 

Inspired by the fabric and a recent showing of Monsters Inc. I decided to make a few for a little baby I know that is soon to make an appearance {No, I am definitely not pregnant!}

Here's my version:

We went on vacation this past week in Ludington, MI. Its gorgeous up there and it was such a great week of just hanging with the fam, unplugging from the world and recharging our batteries. Of course part of my recharging is getting crafty so I brought my sewing machine along! {Come on, who doesn't do this when they go on vacation!?} The kids wanted to make their own little orange guys so we now have a whole slew of them! 

We made our monsters out of fleece with some felt details. If you want to make your own, here's what you'll need:

batting or stuffing {I'm sure even cotton balls would work}
needle and thread
sewing machine {optional}
Fabric glue

I started by cutting my basic shape (twice) out of fleece and making.

Next I cut out three round shapes for the eyes and different colors and sizes. For the white part of the eye I hand stitched this with a gray thread. For the next circle {the gray} I added the black center on top, stitched an X through all three circles, then went back lifting my loose edges and adding some fabric glue.

Using black thread I added eye lashes and a mouth.

The "warts" are just randomly cut little shapes that were also sewed on in an X pattern.

The little tabs on top are strips of ribbon. In the original photo it looks like felt strips were used but because my little guys are for a baby I wanted to add the little silky strips for texture. {Besides I think the felt might stretch and tear if pulled on too tightly.}

These guys can either be hand stitched inside out {leaving a small side seam} but if you are adding the ribbon it will be a lot more durable if you machine stitch them using a small stitch size. I used a "1".

Machine stitch them inside out and leave a 2-3 inch opening on the side. {You can also stitch them right sides out if you want like it did for the blue guy}.  Stuff them with your stuffing of choice. Whip stitch the side, and you're done! In the pic below my 7 year old did the one on the right {with a little help}. Then my three boys wanted we have a family! ;)  Theirs didn't get the ribbon hair.

Now I think we're ready to go see Monsters University!  I have more monsters coming up. I found some cute flannel monster fabric that I made burp cloths and baby washcloths for the upcoming shower. I will share these next week!

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