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Friday, May 17, 2013

Simple Baseball Cake

We've got a lot of crazyness going on around here today in the form of several 9 year old boys for a birthday  party. It was my only day off this week and I had a ton to catch up on! {This house looked like a tornado hit it!} My son Brady wanted a baseball cake for his birthday, and for lack of time to complete some of them many other projects I thought I'd share this simple cake with you along with an amazing tip for piping frosting!

The cake is just a box white cake. It was baked in a Pyrex glass bowl. Just make sure you grease it well!
My cake took about 40 minutes but just keep checking yours until its done.

Don't worry about the flat bottom of the bowl. Once its frosted, you won't even know!

For the baseball I wanted a really white frosting {which meant no butter}. I decided to use the filling for whoopie pies {from an old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe} because it doesn't use butter.

Here's the basic recipe:

2 egg whites beaten until stiff peaks form {then set aside}

Mix together:
1 1/2 cups shortning
1 1/2 teas. vanilla
4 Tablespoons flour
4 Tablespoons milk
4 cups powdered sugar

Then fold in your egg whites gently.

Set aside just enough for your lacing and color this red.

Frost your baseball with the white frosting. On off-set spatula is a must for this part.

Now here's the fun tip for piping your laces. 
First, get you out your plastic wrap and put the frosting in the middle.

This is the perfect amount. I tried this the other night with a lot more.......

and when I went to twist it {by picking up both ends and whipping it around} Oh, yeah, you guessed it, I was wearing the frosting as was the floor and counter! Not pretty!

Fold the top down and the bottom of your wrap up lengthwise and twist the ends.

Get out your piping bag and snip off the end adding you inside cuff, like this.

Now put your frosting package in the piping bag and pull one end of your plastic wrap through, pulling tight then sip off the end as close to your piping tip as you can.

Now you can put on your tip!

You are ready to rock! And you wont squeeze frosting out of the back end or make a big mess. When you are done frosting just pull the leftover frosting  out of the bag and you can reuse your bag another time!

Back to the cake, use your piping bag to make your laces. This is simple to do, but if you made a mistake gently scrape off the red {repair with leftover white} then start again. {It almost sounds as if this happened to me!} ;)

And there you have it. A simple baseball cake that your kiddos will love!

We added a "9" to ours for Brady's birthday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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