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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bird's Nest Cupcakes

     Tomorrow is the school carnival. My kids are so excited! Hubby has a project he's working on for me..eeek! (I will share next week), so instead of volunteering to help run a game I offered a cake. You know, for the cake walk.

     In my mind cupcakes are easier to transport and they count as cake, right? Cupcakes it is!

     I came up with some cutey birds nest cupcakes that I want to share with you today. If you have never used a piping bag or tips I have a special section for you. If you know what you're doing you could probably just look at the pics and figure it out.

Here they are:

     First I just made an easy box cake mix. I chose a yellow cake mix. Then I made a double batch of a basic buttercream frosting. I usually use Wilton's.

     Divide your frosting in half.

     Mix your favorite color into one half and in the other add 3-4 Tablespoons of powdered baking cocoa.

     Frost your cupcakes with a smooth coat of the colored frosting. {I did a really thin coat but ended up with a bit left over. Next time I would be a little more generous}

This next part is for my friends who haven't used piping bags or tips before

Piping bags can be found in a box in your cake decorating section of a larger grocery store or at a craft store. {They are usually just a few dollars} You can use a regular ziploc bag in its place but only a good quality one. I have had the seams of cheaper bags split and that makes a mess!

Take your piping bag and cut about an inch off the tip of the bag. Then drop in the white little cup ring and fill your bag.

To fill your piping bag easily, put in into a glass to fill.

     With the brown frosting you are going to make a ring on your cupcake {without a tip}. This will make the base for our nest.

     Now we are going to add a piping tip. Mine is #233. These tips are usually $1.99 or less and are in the cake making section. Put on the tip on the outside of your white cup ring, they add the outside ring to hold it in place.

{This tip also makes great fur for animals or furry monsters} ;)

Now we are going to either go back and forth across the ring on our cupcake or around in a circle to cover our ring.

And that's basically it! Aren't they cute! I added Cadbury Mini Eggs and fortunately there were enough to snack on when I was done!

Now they are ready for the cake walk!

I may just try to get my kids to win them! ;)

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  1. What super fun idea... I absolutely love it.... I bet the kids totally love it too!

    Good idea!

    hugs x

    1. I found eatable grass at the Dollar General. But this looks like a fun porject to do with the kiddies.

  2. These look so simple. Love the idea. Thanks for sharing. Pinning!

  3. So cute! I love the bright blue frosting! Now if only spring would get here soon... :)

  4. What a fun project. I just keep buying one more tip when I see something cute like this. I think I should have just bought a complete set and get it over with.

    1. I am right there with ya! I'd love to own them all!

  5. Love these cupcakes so much! Thank you for sharing them at the Spring Thing Party, we'll be showing them off this afternoon on our Facebook page. :)


  6. Your cupcakes look too pretty to eat! They are a piece of art!!! Good job.

  7. OMG these are adorable!! I just made some cupcakes the other with some nests but I never even thought to just use icing!! You did a fantastic job!! I'm sure your kids loved them.
    Jamie ~
    PS: I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now ;)

  8. Visiting from DIY by Design. These cupcakes are beautiful. I am definitely using this idea for my church meeting on Saturday night. I couldn't think of anything Easter-y and then I found your blog. Excellent. Very creative. I am now a follower. Thanks for the post.
    Debbie from "One Day at a Time"


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