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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Living Room Update

      I have spent a ton of time over the past two days trying to fix this ol' blog of mine. My original background disappeared {it was a freebie that was no longer free, nor could I even find it} so I decided a revamp was in order!

     There is still a lot of tweaking to do, and for some reason I'm not getting a lot of cooperation from the template designer option on blogger {there is only a minute chance that I don't know what I'm doing too} ;)!

     So as a diversion I thought you might like to check in and see how our built ins are coming. These are the Billy shelving units from IKEA.

     Here's an older version of the living room wall.

     The goal was to create more storage and impact on this wall for a minimum amount of money. Originally we were going to get the base unit for the TV but it was the most amount of money and we liked it the least. Besides it would have meant unattaching the TV from the wall and lowering it, which wasn't appealing to either of us. Call us DIY wimps if you will!

     This is the in-process look. We went for putting the bridge unit on top for support because it isn't anchored to the wall. {Because of all of the cords back there this wasn't really an option.}

And here's the semi-finished look:

     We really wanted to do something to add some texture to the background of the shelves and minimize the look of the paperboard backing~yuck! Each side unit was only $59.00 at IKEA so they made a great economical choice. Paint might have helped but I wanted to something that could be changed out. Our first thought was grass cloth but that didn't really fit the economical category. As I was going to the checkout lane at TJ Maxx I saw some wrapping paper that was this faux wood. {They are smart people those TJ Maxxers, they know just where to put the temptations!} At 2.99 a role this did fit the category and I snatched it up!

Here's a pic without the backing:

And here's the with:

With the cardboard backing I wanted to be careful how to attach the paper so that it could be changed out without wrecking the back. I opted for clear thumb tacks, one in each corner and you don't even notice them!

The units aren't done yet. We want to trim them out with crown moulding and spackle in the shelf holes {where you put the little plugs to hold up the shelf} just to give it all a more finished look. 

Its so nice already to have more storage! {You can't have enough of that}And I'm really glad that this was such an inexpensive project. Keeping the fireplace {which is fake} gives us a place for stockings and with boys in the house who may occasionally chuck a ball around I'm glad to keep the TV up higher.

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  1. I love it! What an amazing difference the lined backing makes-that was a great idea! I love it when little things like that just work out! Love your style...found you through itsoverflowing's party! I'm a new follower!

  2. I just picked that paper up at Marshall's last week with the idea of doing this same thing on new bookshelves that I'm building. Thanks for giving me a sneak peek at the finished product! It looks great!

  3. I love your living room and the addition of the bookshelves. The backing you added in really made all the difference. I just love little touches like that. I found your post on BNOTP and am now following you.

    Have a great week!

  4. I think the units look wonderful and your room is coming along beautifully. You could even switch out the backing with fabric at some point, if you wanted a different look for a new season of the year. Can't wait to see more updates later.

  5. looks fabulous! i love the birch paper:) you've styled the bookcases so well too!

  6. Looks beautiful... that wrapping paper backing is SO cool, I have not seen that at my TJMaxx store... but I wasn't looking for wrapping paper either so I may have to take another look! :o)


  7. Ha I just bought this wrapping paper at my local TJ Maxx yesterday. :) I thought it looked too cool to pass up for $2.99. Great minds think alike!!! :) Love what you did with it!



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