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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bathroom Art

     My husband and I have been working on a mini-redo of our bathroom. It mostly involves lots of paint but you know how one things leads to another! ;)

     We painted the room gray {I will show you another time} and I was so careful not to get a pinky gray or one with green undertones that without realizing it, I went a little blue. Now that's not bad except it was blue to begin with so its not a huge departure. The thing about gray's with blue undertones is that they are cold so I have to do some work to come up with some design ideas that will warm up the space.

     Today is not about that! Today I want to show you an art project for this space. You know I'm always on a tight budget so if I can rework something I already have, all the better!

     Here's what I did:

     These frames were originally cheap art I found in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby. I think they were $4.00 each. I kept them in their original state for a long time but wanted something fresher for this space.

     I started by painting the interiors white {after lightly sanding them}. Once that was dry I taped off stripes {I am actually super excited to get started on the bathroom ceiling and do this same thing there! Eek!}

     For the first time ever I tried 'Frog Tape'. Oh, I'm in love! {and no they didn't pay me to say that!} It worked really well and make me feel more confident about trying it out on the ceiling.

     I like them just like this but decided to add a bit more! For one I chose the initials for me and my husband since this is our bathroom. {We both have the same initials so this made it easy}. And I decided to do them in a mirror image just for fun! The second pic is the old ampersand symbol for and. Love that!

     To get the image on my frame I used the old sign making technique I showed you here. Basically you are using pencil on the back of your image and tracing it on.

     Sharpie paint pens make it really easy to fill in your outline. And then you're done!

     I can't wait to get this project finished and show you! If you want to make similar art try using pieces of wood or a frame with the glass taken out if the back board is smooth. 

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  1. I love this. I've been in our house for 4 yrs and I haven't put a single picture in the bathrooms. So pitiful. I need to get on it!

  2. Those are so simple and fun, my favorite kind of project! I actually need some wall art for my bathroom, this is a great idea!


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