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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snowflake Pillow

     We had some awesomely warm weather this past week but its turned cold this weekend. I have even heard a rumor that there is snow in the forecast! I feel it only right to start some snow inspired projects, so I decided to make a snowflake pillow, and this one's super cute!

     This is another project that uses the ever versatile drop cloth fabric that you can find at any home improvement store. I always wash and dry my drop cloths before I use them because they are really stiff if you leave them au natural.

     If you want to make one too, here's what you'll need:

  • Drop cloth fabric
  • Pillow form {I found mine at Hobby Lobby on sale for $5.00}
  • One sheet of white felt {$ .50 at HL}
  • Pom fringe
     First start by cutting out 2 pieces of your fabric with 1/2 seam allowance on all sides. Iron your fabric too! 

     Next you are going to make your snowflake. I googled 'snowflake images' and found one I liked. It was a template to print and cut out your own. Once it was cut out I pinned it to the felt, and cut it out. {This was the most time consuming part of the project}

     Once its cut out measure the dead center of your fabric and attach it. You can use a number of methods. Because it isn't my intent to wash this pillow and I will be only pulling it out seasonally I hot glued mine to my fabric. But wouldn't a blanket stitch in red thread be pretty too?

     I decided to add the pom fringe. I have never used pom fringe for a pillow before so I made sure I pinned everything carefully before. The corners were the trickiest.

     Lay your fabric pieces face to face with the fringe in the middle. Hopefully this picture illustrates what I mean:

     Now we're going to stitch it up. I started on the top left corner and went all the way around until I came to the last side. Here I wanted to leave a pocket open to stuff my pillow in so I only stitched the fringe to one side. Again, hopefully the pic will show you what I mean:

     To stitch everything I moved my needle to the left so that I could get as close to the top of the fringe as possible.

     Once it is done, stuff your pillow in and whip stitch it closed.

     And now you have a super cute snowflake pillow! I'm not sure where he will land so I tried him out in a few places.

     If snowflakes aren't your thing you could use this same concept with an animal silhouette, leaf, or profile!

     Now, its awful cute on a pillow but I'm not sure I'm ready to see it on the ground!

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