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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Creamy Hot Chocolate Recipe

     I've already mentioned like a bagillion times before that I love this time of year. I won't bore you with my list of reasons why, I will just give you another one of my reasons here today.

     I love homemade hot chocolate! There are so many different recipes out there, but what I love about this one is that its totally customizable! If you want it creamier, add more creamer, if its not intensely chocolate enough add more chocolate.

     So here's what you need to make this recipe:

  •       Chocolate Milk mix {Like Quick or whatever's cheapest}
  •       Powdered Milk
  •       Non-dairy Creamer {It might be fun to try flavored dry creamer too}
  •       Sugar

     Mix this up in a large bowl. I used a 2 quart pitcher and just shook it up, that was a bit easier.

     2 cups of dry milk
     1 cup of non dairy creamer
     1 cup of sugar
     2/3 cup chocolate milk mix

     Fill your mug about 1/4 full of the mix and add hot water! Then have fun with toppings. Marshmallows are a favorite here. My husband likes whipped topping and chocolate syrup!

     Hot Chocolate is especially yummy after a family night around the fire!

    Enjoy! And make it your own!


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