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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Devotions

     If you've got a good thing going, this post isn't for you! This one if for well intentioned families like ours who intend to do family devotions daily but with the craziness of life, it rarely happens. Jeff and I are big time in this mode, as the summer winds down, of re-evaluating the lazy rut we've gotten ourselves into and cracking the whip as we prepare for the structure of the new fall schedule.

     I love a schedule! It helps to keep us all on track when 57 things must happen each day. More importantly I love the Word of God for this very reason. It helps to keep our lives anchored and on track in a world full of despair, selfishness, and neglect.

     We have been reminded again of how important God's word is in our daily lives, its "our daily bread", what we need for survival, and yet we give our children food, clothing and warm beds but often they go to bed at night without hearing about what they need most.

     My husband reads to the kids before bed each night and often incorporates passages of scripture. We wanted to add to this at supper. Before, we would try to read from the Bible but often it wasn't handy, someone had lessons or practice to get too or neighbor kids were at the door waiting to play. We needed something quick and too the point.

    Here's what we came up with:

     We went through the scriptures and wrote out on cards our favorite verses. We tried to come up with a mix of salvation verses, practical living verses and verses on encouragement. Each night at supper we pull out one verse, read it through and discuss it. On nights when things are crazy we might just end the meal by reading the verse, but most nights we are able to discuss what it means and how we can put it into practice. Its fun to hear the kids stories of how they did this the next night.

     Now even family devotions can't sneak by without some crafty action! My verse box was transformed from a granola box with a bit of glue and some twine. Easy project! And we keep it on the counter within easy reach of the dining table. It found a good home right next to the summer idea jars and under our chore tally board!

What does your family do for devotions?

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