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Friday, July 20, 2012

Ding Dong Digit

     Did you ever play that game as a kid? Of course you didn't! ;)

     It seemed an appropriate title for today's topic which is updating your front door with digits, and sprucing up that doorbell. {Do you get it? Ding-dong digit?} I know, its corny! Consider this your dish of corn for the day! Lets move on!

     I've been loving all of those brightly colored front doors with the numbers painted them all over pinterest and decided to do this to my own. But, you know how one project always leads to another? Yes, that happened here! While I was working on project #1 I spied project #2 right next to it! The ugly builder grade plain boring doorbell that had yellowed with time.

     Let's start with project #1. Here's the before:

     And here's the after:

     To do the numbers on the door I followed the technique I showed you here.

     Initially I filled in the outline for my numbers with a paint pen but this didn't turn out very well. So I went over it with craft paint and a small brush and like the outcome much better. My font size for the No.  was 120 and the font size for the numbers was 250.

     On to project #2. I am sure that it is only a few dollars to upgrade your doorbell, but doing so involves a trip to Lowes with 4 kids and some basic wiring skills. I'm sure I could handle both but why? I hate how this old thing yellowed over time and it just looks dirty. After cleaning it up and taping around it {I honestly thought that when I unscrewed it the little cover would pop right off, like a light switch and I could just cover Mr. Ugly with some spray paint. Apparently they are all one piece}. Plan B involved taping it off first and using regular paint. I decided to do the button with silver rub 'n buff {which I used for my kitchen hinges}. Its on an angle because its attached with the wiring in the back.

After finishing the button I carefully painted the cover around it using some leftover household paint. It went on a little thick but turned out so much better than the original.

If you don't want to paint your own house numbers, there is still time to enter my give-away. Check out it out here! 

     If you want to make a wreath like the one on my door, check out this tutorial here. 

     Its amazing how just making a few minor changes {like even just washing the windows in the front door!} can spruce things up and make a big difference!

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