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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Library Book Storage

     Do you ever have a hard time finding all of the kids library books to get them returned on time? I'm sure you don't, but let me tell you, we sure do!

     We don't often go to the public library during the school year because my kids visit their school and church libraries, but in the summer time we make it a big priority. In fact, each day we schedule a reading time because without it they wouldn't take the time to read much.

     The dilemma we face is where to keep the books when they aren't being read to prevent them from being captured by the under bed monster or being filed away in their bookcases.

     We were at a friends house recently {she has 5 kids} and I notice a specific basket designated for library books in their main floor office. We have no main floor office {on an any floor office} but the basket idea I liked!

     I went and picked up a rectangle one that I liked and made a label for it out of wood which was spray painted in chalkboard paint {my favorite!}. I attached it with double stick velcro and found a good place for it on the main floor.

I love it when everything has a place!!!!

1 comment:

  1. awesome idea! I don't even have kids yet and I might have to implement that for me! :)


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