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Friday, May 4, 2012

Monogrammed Flower Pots

       With temperatures warming up again I'm in full outdoor mode. With this temperamental Michigan weather I usually wait until after Mother's day to do any planting of annuals, but plenty of other projects await!

     Recently I found some inexpensive planters at Target for $7.99 each. I was thrilled to find these because I've wanted a large planter for my front porch but wasn't willing to pay the big price tags I'd been seeing. At this price I figured I could afford two.

       To dress them up a bit I decided to try the same technique I used to monogram my fall pumpkins. They certainly look a bit more sophisticated and hopefully not as cheap as $8.00!

     Here's how they turned out {or at least how the one in the pic turned out. Apparently I didn't take a picture of them both together}:

My poor hostas didn't handle the frost well

     If you want to make one for yourself, here's what you'll need:

     For this project I recommend a plastic pot. I'm not sure how it would hold up over time on a terra cotta one. I also am using these pots on a covered porch.

     First, pick out the font and letter you want in a word document. Make it really big. Mine was sized at 500. Then print it out. I played around with a number of fonts until I found one that fit my pot well.

     Next, flip your letter over and shade around the outline of your letter with pencil.

     Once its shaded tape it up on your pot and trace the outline of the letter. This will transfer some of the pencil lead onto your pot and give you an outline to fill in with paint.

     I ended up using craft paint to fill my "T" in.

     I'm really anxious to fill these babies with some flowers but alas, I'd better wait a week or two or I'll be planting them more than once this season. We finally got the woodchips in today and put down some ant killer {our lawn is one large ant hill~not kidding!}.

      I will give you the final yard update once we get the pretties in! Can't wait!!!

                                                       Happy Spring!

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  1. Great tutorial! They look great. Megan

  2. This is going to look great when you get those flowers in...and what a simple project for a classy result.


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