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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Foiling a Pet Peeve

 I know you are dying to hear what one of my major pet peeves is! I'm gonna make you wait just a sec because I first have to thank all of you amazing people who have stopped to read this blog. I'm just a few peeps away from 100,000 views! That's amazing to me!!! Thank you all so much!!! I feel very blessed to be able to share these crazy crafty ideas of mine!

   Now, on with the show! Take a look at this pic. Can you guess what my pet peeve is?

    If you said, underwatering plants, you would be.......WRONG! If however you said, "people washing their hands then leaving the towel on the counter instead of hanging it back on the stove", you would be ......CORRECT!

     If you share this highly intelligent pet peeve of mine and are with me in my grand plot to foil these plans, get out your sewing machines and get ready! Here's what we're doing:

     Here's what you'll need:

  •           A Kitchen Towel
  •           Velcro {the non-sticky kind}
  •           Pins
  •           Scissors
  •           Sewing machine

     Don't worry. If you aren't much of a sewer, this is just straight line sewing. Super simple stuff!
First, cut your velcro length the width of your towel and pin it on. 

     Watch which sides you pin your velcro on. You want it pinned on the wrong edge on one end and the right edge of the other end. Comprende`?

Fire up that sewing machine and stitch er up!

That's it! You're done! Put this plot foiler on your stove and hide around the corner and watch what happens! ;)

Even 10 year old muscles weren't enough!

    This project would be a fun way to personalize towels for a wedding shower gift too.

          Let me know if it works for you too! ;)

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