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Sunday, April 15, 2012

McKinley's Room {Tales of a little girls space}

      Many of you know that I have only one little girl among 3 boys. Let me tell you, she is a treasure! {So are my boys!} There's just something about a little girl! I was never a pink person until she came along, and now I can't get enough of it!

      My mom and I took her this weekend to get her ears pierced. She's six. Half the age I had to be before I could get my ears pierced. My husband and I didn't really have  a time frame in mind for this milestone, I just knew that I wanted her to be old enough that she wanted to have it done. All it took was the next door neighbor getting her ears pierced and hearing from her that it didn't hurt that bad and she was ready. {Never mind the fact that I had told her the same thing! ;) }

 McKinley's room is the only room I haven't shared yet. I think I've waited because its a room that has changed a lot and still isn't where I would like it to be. For a while it had to do double duty when she shared it with her little brother. Her room is pink and green so for Hudson's sake we stressed the green while he was in there.

Now that we've moved him out, here's where we are:

For a while we had the canopy above the head of her bed but she kept getting tangled up in it at night and I was concerned for her safety. With a knot in the bottom the canopy now makes a great home for all of her stuffed animals.

To balance the height of the canopy of the right side I added a chandelier above her bed on the left. She definitely needs a headboard or something above the head of her bed to help with the balance but this works for now.

On her dresser, we needed something to keep all of her hair flowers, bows, headbands, etc. Glass jars do the trick along with a ribbon hung on two nails in front of her mirror. The mirror frame came from an old barn and I had mirror cut for it.

An old end table works well for a bedside stand and vintage children's dishes from my grandma look great in the cubby above her kitchen.

     An old bookcase got a coat of white paint for her books.

Necklaces are hung from on old ladder that was found on a curb.

     The paper butterflies were made from scrapbook paper and a homemade template. I hung them last summer and they still look great and haven't fallen off yet! The 'M' is a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby covered in scrapbook paper layered with pom poms, a fun project we did together!

She loves having a space of her own and together we have ideas cooking for other things we'd like to do!

     God has blessed us with four precious children and it has been so fun to create their own special spaces! If you are interested check out Camden's room here or Braden & Hudson's space here.

     Thanks for stopping by!

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