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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Linen Closet Update

     This was one of those projects that happened almost accidentally. I had no intention of doing anything with this space but as I was putting towels away the thought occurred to me that maybe the sheets should come out and get folded a little more neatly to create a bit more space, and then maybe the washcloths could be lined up in the same direction, and then I should probably go through the storage baskets to see if anything could be purged and then before you knew it I had popped out all the shelves and was stenciling this bad boy! Whew!!! Crazy how that happens!

 This wasn't a major transformation but it feels so much better, in fact I haven't shut the closet door since I finished it! :)    Its dorky I know! Here's where it started:

      If you have these same builder grade metal shelving you can pop them out with a rubber mallet. I washed the walls down because I'm sure they never have been and decided to try out a stencil I bought for another purpose {hopefully I will show you soon}.

     My only major challenge was working around the brackets that hold the shelves up. I tried a foam brush versus a foam roller and found the roller provided much more even coverage and was easier to use.

     These metal shelves can make storing small bottles difficult so I took the cardboard bottom from a case of water bottles and covered it with burlap. This made a stylish storage tray for all those loose products.

 It's not a dramatic before and after, but it feels as good as one. Cleaning out a closet that few see is like making small improvements in your personal life like conquering a bad habit or making a healthy decision.

 So clean out those closets!

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