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Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Easter Wreath

     We have had two days this week of 60 degree temps, and as a result I'm in major Spring mode! Today its in the low 40's but I don't care, those 60 degree days have me springing things up around here! Maybe next week I will give you my tips for "springing things" but today we're making a wreath. I love a good wreath project. Its crafty, and you have to think a little outside the box if you want to make your wreath unique. So if you want to follow along, here's what we're making!: 

     I have long loved yarn wrapped wreathes but never attempted one until now. Let me tell you, I learned a valuable lesson {and those of you who have worked with yarn can laugh at me, go ahead, I give you full permission! ;) } roll your yarn off the skein into a ball first! It took me an hour to do this with all the untangling that was necessary but it makes the rolling onto the wreath part easier.

     Now that you've got that part done, lets get started.

1)      First tie your yarn onto your wreath {picking any starting point you want} I used a foam wreath that is covered in burlap~ I bought it this way.

2)      Wrap your wreath with the yarn using this highly important method:

     If you can't quite tell, I have my leg through the wreath to keep it still and free up both hands. This part took me one full episode of "What not to wear".

3)      Once your wreath is wrapped, lay out all your stuff and hope that inspiration strikes! :) This is my favorite part. I knew I wanted to include a little nest and these cute speckled eggs I found at Jo-ann's. But that was as far as I had planned. So I got out my scrabble letters, fabric, and ribbon.

4)     Attach your cute stuff with hot glue. First, I glued on my nest, then added some drop cloth flowers and spanish moss around the nest. 

     Once I added these things I knew this wreath needed some rustic balance. So I used the drop cloth fabric, cut a long strip and just made some loops until I got the desired look I wanted.

     This still wasn't quite enough for me and I had this great ribbon that matched the yarn so I added some language to make this wreath reflect why Easter is so important to me. I love that the scrabble letters add that touch of rusticity too. 

10 points if you can see Hudson peeking out! ;)

Happy Spring!

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