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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kitchen Reveal: part 2 {tips from the journey}

     I can't thank you enough for all of your kind words following our kitchen reveal! We love this space and are so glad that others of you do too!

     Today I wanted to share a few things that we learned through this process that might be helpful to you too.

     First, have a plan. This might sound simple, but know what you are getting into, how much time it will take and what you can commit to the project. For us, doing this kitchen meant giving up most of our Saturday's. Because our time was so limited we knew it would take a while to complete.

     Give your self some motivation! We all like a little instant gratification. If possible complete a small portion of the project from start to finish so you can get a glimpse of your overall goal. For our kitchen we sanded, primed, painted and styled one open cabinet that you see right when you walk in before tackling the rest. Once we could "see" where we were headed it gave us the wind in our sails to see the project through.

     This kitchen update was done on a super tight budget. Along the way a few things threatened to derail us financially from completing it (a root canal, several crowns, unexpected surgery, a water tank and pump going out, etc). In order to achieve the look we wanted we had to get creative. One trick we discovered that saved us several hundred dollars was 'Rub n Buff'. This bit of magic in a tube transformed our hinges. You can see the difference here:

     This stuff is super easy. I tried three different methods {finger, q-tip, and brush}. The brush worked the best. Once you brush it on use a rag or paper towel to wipe off the excess. It was only $3.59 at Michaels. Its not the beautiful satin nickle hinges I wanted but the savings made it so worth it!

     Another glitch we ran into was the removal of the drawer pulls. We purchased the current hardware from Pottery barn a few years ago and I still love them and wanted to keep them. Because they had been there for a while a few of the pulls wouldn't come off {the screw heads chipped when we tried to unscrew them}. In order to paint around them without messing with painters tape {which gave me issues!} I covered the handles with tin foil! This was so quick and easy and gave us a clean edge.

     In the end, the journey was ever so worthwhile.

     Thanks for stopping by! I hope this encourages you to tackle some of your daunting projects. Anything is possible with a good plan in place!

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