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Saturday, February 25, 2012

HomeGoods Finds

         I shared with you last time about my fun trip to IKEA and HomeGoods. Because my back has left me out of commission this week and I've not accomplished aught, I decided to take the easy way out and show you a few more of the great things I found. You know its one thing to see a great object on a shelf and another completely to successfully incorporate it into the items you already have and make it look like it belongs.

         My favorite picture in my house is this cherry blossom branch I found at Marshall's a year or so ago. I love it for the colors and the reminder {in the midst of winter} that Spring is coming!

      When I was at HomeGoods last week I found this same picture but in a larger longer version. Now, used in the same room it would lose its impact and just seem weird {for lack of a better term}, but used in my dining room, it helps to maintain flow throughout the main floor of the house. And it brings some much needed color to this spot in the dining room.

     I'm tempted to bring in some of that blue-y green color by painting the mirror frame again! I still love the restfulness of the off white though, we'll see.

   Another find was this cake stand in the fresh aqua color that we incorporated into our kitchen redo. 
Originally I had this creamy colored one, but have since replace it with the fresher looking one. I like both looks but this at least gives me some variety. ;)

     Earlier in the week I showed you the spring shelves update with a few of my other fave finds. I'm a sucker for white teapots.

And even if I never use an egg cup for its intended purpose, these are still super cute!

     Oh to have a HomeGoods in this area!

     Thank you for indulging me in this lazy post! Prayers are appreciated for a quick healing. I don't make a good shut-in!

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  1. I will be praying for a quick recovery for you, it's no fun when you're shut-in! I absolutely love the mirror in the off white. I think it flows nicely with the other white/off white around it and the pillows and picture add just enough color to give the space warmth ;)

  2. Thanks Angey! I appreciate the feedback and the prayers! :)

  3. Hi Jody, your homey home is lovely! The whites and soft colors make it fresh and bright but warm and inviting too. Thanks for sharing your finds. Hope your back heals quickly - that can't be easy with 4 kids. Your friends at HomeGoods

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