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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Camden's Room {The reveal of another boys room}

     A few weeks ago I shared with you the story of our failed attempt to move, and the quest for contentment with the house we own, which led to the conversion of our family room into our fourth bedroom.

     Making this change allowed Camden {he's 9} to have a room of his own. We made a few changes to this space to make this room his including adding a work space, replacing the bunk bed with a twin and updating a few accessories.

     The quilt, sign and rug came from Pottery Barn a few years ago.

     Last summer we went to IKEA (a 3 hour drive for us, sadly) and got him his own desk and chair.

     He loves maps and these were from our trip to Maine last summer.

My husband painted this airplane on the wall using a picture he traced out of a book and a projector.

     His initials are chip board letters from Hobby Lobby covered with maps and modge podge. {And NO, the spider isn't real! :) }

     I made the sign using the method I showed you here.

     Camden loves having his own sanctuary (and his little brothers love having him out of their hair)! As much as I would love to have a BIG house so that we can spread out its been fun to learn contentment. The Lord really blesses us when we honor Him this way and this has truly been evident in our family.

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