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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Kitchen Reveal!!!!!

     We finally did it! We are done with this stinking kitchen!!! Yeah!!!! We have been working on this kitchen since September and are so happy to have it complete!

Let me remind you of where we were:

And now, the fabulous after:

Here's a link for the bar stool facelift.

Here's where I showed you how I transformed the picket fence screen.

          Be prepared for some picture overload!

       I showed you how to make these flowers here.

       Opening up this cupboard made a big difference in making the space feel larger. I was surprised that such a little thing could have such a big impact. I put contact paper in the back of the cabinet to create more interest. Adding the wicker basked adds texture which warms things up with all that white.

 I love having my teapots on display!

Inside the pantry door is a great spot for our menu list. {I have a little guy that needs to plan ahead and just knowing whats happening for dinner makes him less anxious about his day!}

This is a helpful addition in my baking cabinet. I use this all the time!

Check out the chalkboard tutorials here.

When we took off the cheap paneling underneath the counter top we found a ton of unused space. My hubby built this into the space and is perfect for phone books {who uses those nowadays anyways!}, cookbooks and my bill box.

The magazine holder is a perfect solution for all of those small cookbooks and pages you tore out of a magazine!

This is our 'hidden' spot for school spelling lists, pizza delivery magnets and other fridge junk. The basket holds pens, scissors, and the morning hair stuff for the kids before school.

I love using glass bottles for my dish soap. Am I too much of a perfectionist that I will only buy soap that matches my kitchen? {don't answer that}

Later I added these cute chevron curtains that were a simple sew project.

This is our message center: computer, phone and charging cords. 

This is an update of that same message center. The calendar was just what this space needed!
The bulletin board is a Ballard Designs knock off and was super simple.

       One day we hope to afford a new stove, but for now, the mismatch works. I love the way the stainless steel looks against the white cabinets and knowing repairs are easy with a company like makes me even happier!

        I will follow up with some more information and some of the details later. For now, I hope you enjoyed my kitchen. I know I will be!!!!

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