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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hidden Storage

     How many of you have those lazy-susan cupboards in the corner of your kitchen? We have two and until we decided to replace the cheap board under the counter where the bar stools park we had no idea the amount of space those crazy things waste. Here's what we did with this space:

Here's what I'm talking about (the monster in the kitchen):

     I wish I had a before picture for you of all the hideousness that was the under cabinet board. But, here's the after. We replaced with with beadboard.

pardon the blue painters tape, we are still in the process of finishing this kitchen!
     When we initially carved out this corner which consisted of building a box then shimming it in place and adding trim around it, I didn't give much thought to its contents. I new I wanted a shelf that was shorter for the phone book (seriously who still uses these? OK me sometimes when the computer isn't on), and then some space for cookbooks. It wasn't very pretty though.

     Since we are still in the thick of this kitchen redo, I have wanted to pay attention to some of the smaller details that will make the end result so much better.

     Another blogger (sorry I can't remember who) used one of these magazine holders to put all of those little cookbooks in. Pure genius I tell you! I looks so much better all cleaned up!

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