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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Great Sign Edition

You all know I rarely post anymore.

Life has gotten in the way but I can't say I'm sorry for living it! 

I have been really busy lately with many good things but have also started a sign business. It all started with this post: Sign Making 101 from way back in the day and over the years I would make different things for myself or for gifts. I love having a creative outlet and thus my little sign business was born.

I don't have  a website for this little biz of mine so I thought I would show you a sample of what I do in case you are interested!

First up, my motto for this year 2016!

This one is made on a vintage dish drain

On Michigan barn wood

I will likely add more as time goes on, but this way I have a *place* for people to go to see what I do. Thanks for indulging me! ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fall Chalk Pen Fun

It seems any more I only post when I have time to actually be creative! As is has been some time, that is a huge indication of how busy our life has been!

I have managed to carve some time this fall to do some projects and rather than do a post for each one I thought I'd include them all together.

I've been loving those chalk pens and have managed to create a number of signs and holiday themed items. The great thing about them is they wash off with water. So if you make a mistake {who makes those?} its easy to fix and move on. If you love what you did get a matte sealer and spray it when your done to keep your design.

Pinterest is a great inspiration for different fonts and designs. I have to admit that most of these design ideas came from there.

First off, I got some old doors from my dad. I used one to make a sign for every day and the other is for Christmas.

 I tried it in a few homes before it came to rest in the kitchen. 

 I haven't decided where this one will go yet.

You can also see the other little one I did below the cabinet. This one along with the following others were from thrift stores as either mirrors or ugly duckling pictures. My criteria for used frames is that they be wooden {which are easier to paint or restain} and that the glass is in good shape. If the back can't be removed just tape off the frame and you can spray paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

For thanksgiving I thought I'd stick with the current trend and try a turkey. 

Here's his before:

Once again, chalkpaint to the rescue. I didn't even prime this guy. Once the paint dried I got out my trusty chalk pen.

Here's another Goodwill picture that got a face lift for a Christmas gift.

First I distressed the wooden frame, then taped it off and added the chalk.

For Christmas I decided to try glass ornaments. Again, these were from a thrift store. No priming needed. To make it a bit easier I used push pins to help them stand {after removing their silver topper thing} on a piece of cardboard.

And yes, I did leave a nice chalkpaint outline on the garage floor. Oops! These took a few coats and at the end I had to flip them over and group them together to do the tops of them. 

I'm anxious to add these to the tree which may happen tomorrow! My hubby is going hunting and hates the decorating job so the kids and I might surprise him!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't be afraid to try chalk paint. It really is easy!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Home Refreshed

Its amazing to me how much power a can of paint has!

Our home has been this same interior shade of oatmeal for the past 10 years. I've gotten so used to it that it seems to me to be the only decent color a home should have. I'm a huge fan of the show Fixer Upper and I have yet to seem some least not on the walls! 

{don't mind the fact that this pic has a bit of Christmas in it!}

I love a neutral color palate with a few hits of color in the decor but not dark saturated colors. It struck me how Joanna Gaines could use muted color on the walls yet keep everything still looking neutral and relaxed. She uses this "color" as a neutral and yet it still works with all my stuff!

Enter into my life Sea Salt. I am so surprised at how much fresher and more up to date paint can make a house feel. The gray color is called 'Pewter Cast'  both from Sherwin Williams.

Here's a bit of picture overload!

The curtain panels were found at HomeGoods and I saw them at Marshalls too. I love the drama they add. They were pretty inexpensive and we hung them with pipe and fixtures from the hardware store.

The cow print is from Hobby Lobby. We named her Fern.

I'm telling you, paint is the easiest/cheapest way to totally change your look. I will admit that I was totally stressed out about it all. The major life saver was buying the sample jars and trying a few swatches out around the house. This method totally changed the originally direction we were going in and was well worth the extra expense {about $15.00}.

Thanks for stopping by!

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