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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Snail Shell Remodel

It feels like every time I post lately, I'm apologizing for how long its been since my last post! This time I have an even better excuse! We were in Israel and Jordan for 2 weeks. It was amazing, and life changing. I'm sure I will post about all that soon but today I have a fun little project.

When we were gone my kids stayed with my amazing parents! They deserve a medal! While they were there my youngest went to the lake with my dad and picked out these snail shells for me. Sorry buddy but they were pretty ugly! Because they were from him and he was so excited to give them to me I really wanted to find a way to keep them. So I decided on a little remodel!

Ahhhh! much better!

This was a fun and easy project and I will show you what I did, plus some ideas for showing these little beauty's off!

First start by washing them thoroughly. I put them in the sink in warm soapy water.

Then, with a soft toothbrush I scrubbed them clean.

Once they're dry hit them with some glossy spray paint. This took about 3 coats with dry time in between.
{I can't believe that the snow is finally gone and I can do this outside!}

I really wanted some coral ones but didn't want to spend money on this project so I mixed some acrylic paints and hand painted these. I was going to hit them with some clear gloss afterwards but liked the matte finish next to the other glossy ones.

Now to decide what to do with them!

They're even cute just lined up!

Here I put them in an IKEA lantern. This might be my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by!

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