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Monday, January 27, 2014

Kitchen Remodel Stage 57

When you have a tight budget, costly renovations have to come in stages.

Three years ago we started our kitchen reno.
Today, we are one more step closer to being "done".

It may be a slight exaggeration to say that this is the 57th stage, but it feels a bit that way. In all reality here are the steps.

1) Redo flooring on the main level {this included the kitchen}
2) Add beadboard backsplash in kitchen and add shelving under counter.
3) New kitchen faucets
4) Begin upgrading kitchen appliances
5) Paint kitchen cabinets
6) Upgrade window hardware
7) Finish upgrading kitchen appliances

7.....57, it all feels the same! :)

So here we are at #7.

If you want to see the dramatic before, check out this post here.

This stage began with the malfunction of the dishwasher purchased during stage 4. Almost 3 years ago.
We bought a Fridgidaire. I bought it because it was pretty. Very lame! Its downfall began when my 4 year old fell and landed on the open door....a couple of times. The door then opened all the way to the floor and if you weren't careful with how you loaded it, it would leak. So when the error code came on and I called the company I knew this was the beginning of the end. {Despite the issues Fridgidaire has good customer service!} We were told it was either the vent unit or the electrical panel. When we called a repairman he said, "its almost never the electrical panel". In order to not be wasteful {and I have a really handy hubby} we decided to buy a new vent unit and with the help of Google, replace it ourselves. Ya, that didn't work. At this point we were out the price of the part. If we proceeded with this DW we would have to pay for a service call, diagnostic, parts and labor and that total could be at or near the cost of a new one. Because of the other issues we were having with the old one already we bit the bullet and bought a new one.

We had been waiting to purchase the new stove and above stove microwave. This was important because we have a small kitchen already and we need all the space we can get! We decided to get the rest of the appliances now because of the discount we could get.

We went with Samsung.

We purchased the Samsung refrigerator almost 3 years ago and if an appliance can change your life, this one has! If you have to buy in phases, start here. I am sure I still hear an angelic choir each time I open the doors!

The microwave we had before was in that corner where the mixer is now. Its funny how that small change led to the switching around of my cabinets. My baking items were to the left of the stove but the measuring cups and my mixer were to the right.

Now its feeling more functional and organized!


Now the big question you may be asking is, is it done? Well, I am very thankful for what I have and am happy with it for now, but the last phase of this project is the counter top. It is laminate and has been very durable but it is turning green in places where the sun has shone on it for the past 14 years. Who knows when that will happen. It certainly isn't high on the priority list.

Thanks for stopping by!

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