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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Greetings!

Do you send out a Christmas card this time of year?

With so much electronic transmission of information the Christmas card is often forgotten.

Last year we didn't send one out. It was just that kind of year, and I really missed it. There's nothing like getting a hard copy in the mail!

So what do you do with them once they come?

This is our picture this year:

Seriously, do kids come any cuter?! ;)

I have a few yet to get out, but I'm way ahead of last year!

With the arrival of the first Christmas card {thank you very much Heather!}, on the day after Thanksgiving no less {some people have it all together!}, I had to get creative about where to display them. You know space is at a premium in this little house!

I came across this amazing product to help display cards. It is a cable that can be hung either vertically or horizontally and it has these super strong magnets! I hung the cable on the thin wall the divides the living room from the kitchen {a narrow little space used only to track the height of my kids}. This thing hung easily from command hooks. {I put one at the bottom too to help hold it in place from would-be Tarzan boys!}

This item is sold by Roeda Studios. She's a local artist that has 3 stores and an online business full of unique ways to share your memories. This is a great item for a small space because it is so versatile!

You could also use this cable system to hang kids art work too.

So how do you display your Christmas cards? I have to admit that having a stainless fridge has its downsides! :)

I decided to search high and low and share a few other ways I came across. 

I love this tree idea from Bob Vila

Here's a great idea if you're short on space:

'Reasons to skip the housework' shares this cute crafty idea:

This is another easy way to display cards using ribbon and a hallway from Blond Strands

This is a great use of space we probably all have from Budget Wise Home:

I love this! You could have a Christmas tree and display your cards all in one!

Now if you haven't checked out Jen's blog before you are missing out! She oozes creativity! Here's her creative take on card displays:

This cute bird cage is a great reminder to maybe use decor you are already have and just clip your cards on.

You could also clip cards to garland you might already have out!

And lastly, here's a great idea for using old ski's to display your cards from Sweet C's Designs:

Don't throw those vessels of Christmas cheer away! There are no excuses now for not sharing them!

If you want to order from Roeda Studios and get a discount use the code 'HomeyHome10' when you check out. 

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm sharing this here:

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