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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The $1.00 Gift

I'm not cheap, I promise! But when it comes to needing 57 Christmas gifts for those outside the family one has to get creative! There are so many great ideas out there but none of them struck me. I was in my local 'Dollar Tree' store and came across these clipboards. Plain Jane clip boards. I bought one. Then I went home.

I bought this lonely one because my kids are always taking mine and I need one from time to time. Plus I use one at work quite a bit. Then the idea struck me! Why not decorate these babies and give them to everyone! By everyone I mean teachers, co-workers and maybe even my kids. {Act surprised if you get one from me please if you find yourself in one of these categories and you know me!}

I rushed back to the Dollar Tree and bought up about a dozen more. Don't worry, I left a few.

This was an easy craft. If you want to make some you will need:

Clip boards
Painters tape
Craft Paint
Paint brushes
Spray sealer

This really requires no tutorial. Just tape em off and paint however you want! For the sparkly ones I painted my design first then painted over everything with an ultra fine glitter paint. {DecoArt makes the ones I have in 'ice crystal' and 'silver bling'}

To help create a smoother writing surface and protect your clipboard I sprayed them with a clear gloss after taping off my silver clippy thing at the top.

Don't forget to paint the backs!

 I also painted the edge all the way around in a contrasting color.

I love how they turned out! Now I just have to decide who gets what and paint half a dozen or so more.

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