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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Snow Gear Storage

Or other wise known as: Entry Way part 2.

If you missed part 1, I shared here the story behind the art. Its a good one, check it out!

On with the show.

I love living in a state where we have four distinct seasons. That being said, I hate the gear that each season requires and trying to neatly store it all. With my small entry way {and no real back door} we have had to get creative.

When winter comes around, here's how we deal with the gear that 4 kids necessitate.

First off, I added 3M hooks to the inside of my closet door. This was huge! Little people can't use hangers. And bigger little people like you to believe they can't! Using the space on the back of the door has been huge!

You probably can't tell but I have 5 hooks there. Usually I have to replace one per year so that's not bad!

Next I use these great baskets that I got from Target a while back for shoes and snow pants.

Now, for hats, mittens, scarves, gloves etc. These go in bins in the hutch. The left side is kids backpacks but here is where we keep everything else.

The main shoes/boots that my hubby and I wear are in the front closet. Fancy shoes, shoes we don't wear often go in our bedroom closet.

And finally kids boots.

That cute little bench has many jobs. Besides being the landing zone when we come home, place to put shoes on, and home of the library book basket, we also use the bottom shelf for boots in the winter.

In the winter, I put a rug on the shelf to collect the snow and slush and this is where the boots get parked.

{You can tell by these pics that the sun was shining in}

So there you have it. Now we just have to work on getting them to put said items in their place!

Bring on the snow! We're ready!

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