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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Easy Giant Snowflake Ornaments

This project is so easy, I hesitate to even share it. But after the week I've had {basement flooding, my oldest breaking off his front tooth when it embedded in his knee ripping it open, furnace going out, sick kiddo....} I needed something easy! And sometimes its nice to do a project that the kids can participate in.

This is another one of those projects that will result in glitter everywhere.
And who doesn't like to feel like they live in a fairy land. It might help if you've had a week like mine, actually. :)

Let me digress a moment though and tell you that there's nothing like a trial in your life to make you thankful for the little things!

I was shopping in my local grocery store {Meijers}, and came across these wooden snowflake ornaments for a dollar. Oh yes, $1.00. I snatched all four of them up. Sorry local shoppers! (They did have ornament shaped ones too, but weren't as cute).

For this project all I did was water down some Elmer's glue a bit and brush it onto the ornaments. {I used a ratio of 1:3, one part water to three parts glue} We used foam brushes and dabbed it on so that we got more glue on the surface and less over the edges.

Then sprinkle on your glitter. I like the fine glitter for a project like this, it keeps it less 'kid craft' looking, if you know what I mean. {For sure use paper or wax paper underneath because about 90% of your glitter can go back into your container.}

You could also hit them with some clear gloss spray just to seal them in and keep the glitter from spreading its cheer where ever it goes.:)

For now, I hung them up on the face of my kitchen cabinets. Once the tree is up we may transfer them there. To hang them I just used a push pin in the inside of my cabinet, but command hooks would save your finish if you're concerned about that!

So, no excuses this year! This is so simple anyone could do it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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