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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bathroom Christmas Ideas

I've been banned from putting up the Christmas tree yet. Even my kids think its too soon.

I'm not one to want to take away from the Thanksgiving season, but I love the sparkle and just can't wait! So while home with a sickie today I decorated the bathroom. Its out of the way right? I mean, no one should mind a little pre-Christmas sparkle especially since its in an out of the way place, right? The jury isn't home from work yet.......but the bathroom sure is cute! :)

I wanted to share with you some ideas that you could use not just in your bathroom but anywhere in your home. Its time to think outside of the box and create a little holiday sparkle!

Big Idea #1


They aren't just for your outfit. And layers help to make any space feel homey. Here are some layering ideas from the bathroom.

This wooden plaque is my everyday decor in this space. For Christmas I added this small wreath and added two ornaments.

This charger from the dining room adds more texture. I added some sparkly wide ribbon and hung over it an over~sized ornament from Target.

Big Idea #2

Ornaments aren't just for trees!

This is probably common knowledge but sometimes we just need a reminder. Use ornaments in unexpected places; in a bowl, hanging from a lamp, grouped together on a tray or tucked throughout your decor.

Big Idea #3


Its not just for the tree or outdoor decor. I love to added touches of it everywhere! And sparkle can carry you beyond Christmas and throughout the winter. Many of these items will stay until spring like the sparkly wreath and the star. To transition away from Christmas and into winter I will remove the traditional ornaments, and the Christmas trees. In its place I may add more pine cones and some candles.

Big Idea #4

Kitchen items aren't just for the kitchen!

Case in point, the charger on the shelf and the kitchen towels layered over the bath towels. 

Big Idea #5

Use traditional items in an un~traditional way

As an example, that sparkly wreath is actually meant to be put on a table with a fat candle in the middle. I don't know what they're called {obviously} but they make great mini wreaths! :)
I would also like to think that decorating your bathroom is a bit un~traditional as well! ;)

I hope you will think outside of the box when you decorate this year. And seriously decorate your bathroom for pete's sake. It makes going into the bathroom to do your business a lot more festive!

And by the way, the jury returned before I finished putting this post together. He just rolled his eyes but said he loved it! Now, that I've warmed him up maybe we can put the tree up this weekend! :)

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Thanks for stopping by!

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