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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oyster Shell Frame Tutorial

I spent a great weekend away with family in Maine last weekend. 

The coast there is beautiful! So different from Michigan. {I don't think an ounce of sand exists in the state!}

The thing I noticed right away when we got out of the airport was the scent of pine. I love it!

We spent one day along the coast and I came across these beautiful oyster shells. I'd seen lots of crafts online involving oysters so I snatched a few up!

I took all I could fit in my hand.

 See? No sand! This is me with my cousin Naomi. Love that girl!

What I love about these oyster shells is their beautiful pearly inside. So pretty.

As my name implies, my goal is to create a "Homey Home". {Again, this is what my kids call our house.}

To create a home that is visually homey, you need to inject texture. What better way than with items from nature. I found a frame that had a little dip in the sides, perfect for fitting the rounded shape of the outer shell.

They shells were simply glued on using a hot glue gun. Super simple.

I decided to swap out the picture with something more muted so that the picture wouldn't necessarily out perform the texture/color of the frame.

 So the next time you are at the ocean, don't overlook those oyster shells!

Thanks for stopping by!

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