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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homemade Scrubbies

My Grandmother is ingenius! She is crafty, creative and at 90 has more energy than I will ever hope to have! She has enough money to live very comfortably but has made the choice to live well below her means and make the most of what she has. I am always humbled and inspired whenever I get to see her. {Which isn't that often as she lives several states away}. 

When I saw this book in her bathroom, I had to chuckle, because this is so her:

"1000 ways to make everything you have last longer"

I love it! And I need to aspire to be more like this!

So when she showed me this project, I knew I had to share it with you. This was first made by my aunt and is a great way to reuse something you already have.

This scrubby for dishes is made out of a wedding veil, or tulle. Cool, huh?

Because I didn't want to sacrifice my wedding veil I went to Hobby Lobby and found tulle on sale for .89 cents a yard. I bought I yard which is about enough for 2-3 scrubbies. 

My grandma's is the white one and it lays fat beautifully. Mine, I hate to say, looks like an ineffective condom. I will testify however that it does do the scrubbing job quite nicely.

If you want to make one, I will try to help.

These scrubbies were made using a one inch strip of the tulle and a crochet hook. Yes, you are going to crochet them. If you don't know how to crochet it is really quite simple and there are tons of tutorials out there. I was able to use a standard size hook.

When my first attempt turned out a bit cone shaped I contacted my aunt Linn and these were her instructions:

"In your first crochet loop, crochet 8 stitches to make the first circle. For the next circle row, crochet twice in each stitch. Next row crochet twice in every other stitch, once in between. Continue that way for a row or two and then reduce to crochet twice every third stitch. The object is to get a flat circle and you can adjust the stitches however you need to to get it to lay flat. {It won't}."

Good luck! I am still trying to perfect mine. They work great, just as well as any other scrubby you might buy, and I love that this is something that you can make from something you might already have!

{My Gram and me}

Thanks for stopping by!

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