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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Dressing Room

I'm a re-arranger. 

I admit it.

Unless I'm in love with a set up, things get moved around often.

It used to drive my husband nuts because he could never find anything. {Ok it probably still drives him nuts!}

So when my son came to me and said he wanted to rearrange his room you'd better bet I jumped all over that! 

Last year I shared their room redo. Today I'm going to share the dressing room we created. There is a little alcove in their room that we sectioned off with curtains from IKEA. Inside we put their dressers {both from IKEA as well} to create this dressing room. I kept it a surprise for them. I must watch too much HGTV because I was all about wanting to capture the big reveal! {Dork, I know!}

If you want to see how it was before check out this link here.

First, here's their reaction:

Now here's their space:

Their art wall was made with guitar strings hung from small nails. The art is clipped on with small clothespins spray painted black. This is my favorite part of their room!

Do your boys have junk? You know all of those bits and pieces of junk they think are treasures? Here I decided to elevate the status of the junk and put it all in a clear bowl for his dresser {topped with his viking hat he made with grandpa for a 3rd grade project}.

The thing I love about rearranging is that it makes everything seem new and exciting again. We all need a little shake up every now and again. So shake things up and keep your family on their toes! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm sharing this here:

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