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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School Organization Part 2

I'm a planner.

I love to plan. 

Give me an event or place to be and I'm all over planning the heck out of it!

The start of school is like a planner's marathon.

But if you don't like to plan, or its not in your nature, let those of us who enjoy it take all the the work out of it for you! ;)

Sunday I shared with you how I'm going to organize all of my kiddos paperwork this year.

Today we're going to talk about back pack storage. If you have more than one child, all of the school stuff can be pretty overwhelming. Its key to have a plan and a place for everything if you want to maintain your sanity. :) Making it work requires consistency!

At our house if you don't put away your backpack, jacket, papers, and lunch bag you don't get an after school snack. It only takes a week or two of reminders before this becomes a habit.

We have a very small entry way so closed storage was important. We use the lower portion of this hutch for all of their backpacks, lunch bags, and scarves and mittens in the winter time.

Even these larger baskets that we use for shoes would be a great option for backpacks.

If you don't mind seeing them, storing under a bench could work too.

Here are a few other great ideas I came across:

This one from Yes Spaces is something almost anyone can do. Add some hooks to the inside of a closet door for easy storage. 3M hooks are great for this, in fact I use their hooks in my closet for kids jackets.

Adding hooks to some molding is a beautiful way to add some function and storage to your space. I love the little chalkboards with a reminder list for the kids.

Better Homes and Gardens shared this great idea {along with many more}. This is a great way to make use of a very small wall space to provide storage for backpacks, mail, purses etc.

Here's another way to take a hallway space and turn it into useful real estate.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create your 'landing zone' for after school. Having a designated space for school things will help you master the clutter.

Thanks for stopping by!

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