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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School Hair Accessories

Less than two weeks left with my babies at home! Gulp!

I'm excited for the structure and routine that the school year brings, but there's always that sadness that comes with sending them off once again. And this year my baby's going with them! :(

What's a girl to do but make some hair flowers!

My girl loves to help me make these. I shared a tutorial on how to do them a long time ago. Check it out here. Today though I'm tweaking them a bit and trying out a few new things. 

These flowers are great because you can use them to pin on a dress or sweater for an accessory or you can clip them in the hair or on a headband. 

{See that pink one on the bottom left? That one's been washed 57 times and still looks great~ fleece is better if you want them washable, some of the others are felt}

We started by hauling out some of McKinley's new clothes for school to see what colors we needed.

{This dress is from Children's Place and looks so cute with the gray leggings and magenta polka-dots I found at Old Navy}

{This one she fell in love with and was $7. at Marshalls}

For the headband with flower, we took an old green plain headband of hers and glued a round piece of felt to sandwich the headband between.

Hot glue works best for this project.

Different from my original tutorial is the two colored mum.

These are made by taking a strip of felt about an inch wide by the length of your main flower color and snipping your little notches all the way down, then laying it on top of your other color before you roll it up.

If you aren't that crafty and want to start with something really simple, try this.

This carnation type flower is just 12 inches of ruffled ribbon {for edging} that was just rolled up and glued.

For the backs I use a round piece of felt or fleece and inexpensive hair clips from Hobby Lobby.

This project was a freebie for me because I had the fleece, felt pieces and hair clips on hand. But if you wanted to make some yourself and had to go buy everything you could make a dozen of these for about $5.00. The felt sheets are usually 2/$1.00 and if you get the hairclips with a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon you can do that for about $2.00. Each felt sheet makes about 3 flowers.

Here's another really simple idea.

These are just simple strips of felt or ribbon and a couple of dots of hot glue. These could be attached to hair clips or a headband.

So even if we aren't ready for school emotionally, we will at least look put together! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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