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Monday, August 26, 2013

A Homework Basket

What is a homework basket you ask? 

Well, for us it is a centrally located basket with everything needed for homework time.


Well, I didn't have this last year and my kids were always getting into my desk drawers to take what they needed. It always ended in a mess. I don't like messes.

So we are trying something new this year!

This basket sits on the counter right where my kiddos do their homework and it has all of the essentials with room to spare.

My favorite item is this pencil sharpener. You all need one. Go, now and get one. It will save your life, or at least your hands.

The best thing about it is that it doesn't use batteries. It suctions to the counter and works like a dream. I love this thing! I'm sorry I don't even know where I got it but its worth its weight in gold.

Other than this we have pencils, erasers by the ton, paper clips, and crayons for the kindergartener. I am sure as they get bigger we will need to include a calculator and other items but I'm hoping for now this will work.

Hopefully this is handy enough. 

Oh, if you are wondering what's in the jar, its ideas of things to do inside written on little slips of paper. I hear we are in for a lot of snow this winter so this will come in handy.

Thanks for stopping by!

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