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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Travel Art

Oh, the places we've been! 

Ok, so it really hasn't been that many, but I decided to make some art out of it.

I am hoping to put another gallery wall together for the wall that leads downstairs to my boys rooms. This will be the eventual home for this piece. For now its in the entry.

If you didn't guess, the purpose of this piece is to fill in the states with color that we have visited as a family. My husband and I have been to many many more but we wanted something that was specific to our family. If you remember I did this piece for just the hubs and I.

I started with just a blank canvas that I painted my background color.

Then I went back to a pin I stashed long ago of a free download of the United States. Check it out here.

I used the black and white option {the color is pretty but I was all out of color ink}.

I cut them out and traced them onto my canvas. For the state lines {that are in a group} I penciled the back and then traced it onto the canvas.

Once the pencil tracings were done I colored the lines with a paint pen filling all the outlines then writing the state names in each one.

Then it was time to fill in the color. I used craft paints and a small brush to fill them in. Once the paint dried I wrote the state name again. I hope that this will also serve as a geography lesson for the kids each time they look at it. {The little heart is where we live.}

Then we added a title.

Thanks for stopping by!

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