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Friday, May 10, 2013

Custom Made Pillow Tutorial

If you've ever made your own decorative pillows you know its not cheap to buy the pillow forms {unless IKEA's in your backyard}. I can tell you, its not in mine! We make the trek once or twice a year and I always buy a few pillow forms each time I go. The thing is, I've only found them in one size. And I want something different. Am I asking for too much? 

So I decided to create my only pillow form so that I could have the shape I want. Spoiled, I know!

WARNING: the deconstruction will look a little scary. As in, the massacre of 57 small birds
I promise you no birds were harmed in the making of this pillow form {at least not by my hands!}

Here's what we're making:

To begin with lets start with the pillow form. I took a old white pillow case to use as my feather holder.

I folded down the long edge to get a guide for cutting. My goal is the shape of a long thin pillow.

Next I sewed the long side and filled with feathers that I took from my IKEA pillow form. I think an assistant is a necessity with this project and you will want to do this OUTSIDE!

Poor birds! They didn't know what hit em! ;)

Then I held the side shut and stitched it up with my sewing machine using tight small stitches. {We don't want any of these bad boys escaping}.

And here's the result of the pillow form:

Now to make the outside.

I hauled out more of my drop cloth fabric {a canvas drop cloth washed and dried~at any paint or home improvement store}. I cut two pieces to size then decided to paint two vertical stripes on them. I just used some craft paint, painters tape, and a sealer. {Don't want any paint getting on the couch}.

Once its dry you can sew your pillow case inside out, put your form inside and whip stitch it shut. Make sure its really dry. I got rather impatient {I do have a tight schedule} and rushed this process resulting in a few small smudges. Oops!

And here is the finished product:

This was an easy project to do and I love the results!

In other news.....

My baby is going to kindergarten this fall. Last night we had the welcome to kindergarten ice cream social at school. Makes me want to cry!

He's so stinking cute!

Thanks for stopping by!

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