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Monday, April 15, 2013

More Garage Organization

We have had precious few cooperative Spring days yet this year, but a few Saturdays ago the weather cooperated just enough that we were able to clean out the garage. It amazes me how quickly it can fall apart! With four kids and bikes, snow boards, scooters, skate boards, jump ropes, yard toys, chalk buckets, {I'm sure you get the idea!}, it is so hard to keep things tidy enough so that both of our vehicles can fit inside the poor garage.

Last year we did the major reorganization project in the garage but we still had a few areas to improve. Fortunately we have a shed out back so a lot of the extras were able to go out there. Much to our kids dismay we also decided that this is a better location for the bikes too. {For some reason my hubby does not like the bike handle bars scraping the vehicles!} Go figure! ;)

Here are the results from last years reorganization:

Besides the organization which I'm totally on board with I love the painted door. It is such a fun pop of color in a utilitarian space.     

So this year we worked on the side part of the garage, where we keep tools and have to fit in the kids toys.

Here's the before on this one:

Clearly, it needs some help!

This wasn't a major overhaul, we just made a few simple changes. We kept the old toy basket after I discreetly dumped a bunch of old toys out  reorganized it. Then we added a board with some hooks so that we could hang skateboards and other items up. For the baseball bats we hung nails and they hang perfectly in between.

Its amazing how a few changes can make a big difference. It is so much easier to park in the garage now!

Now we will have to see how long we can keep things organized!

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